Grand Opening!

After I got a few inquiries, 
I finally decided to open an official commission thread!
So welcome to
the Belle Arti shop
I do primarily face-up on dolls.
I can work on any doll head, if you like my style!
  Dollfie Dream / Obitsu / Yamato / Azone / SQ labs
Limited / non limited heads are welcome.

As my secondary ability,
I do style wigs. 
If your wig is messy, dried, or you just wish another style,
feel free to send it to me!
I'll try to adjust it upon your wishes

I can do manicure on your doll's hands too.  

I'll follow your guidelines:
Tell me your wished style and the attitude of your dreamed doll...


My email for commissions is:

I'll open 5 slots per month.
During the university exam period I'll lower to 3.


My prices:

 - Regular head face-up - $55 / 45€ -
 - Previous face-up removal - $5 / 3€ -
(previous face up removal FREE for the first 5 commissions!) 
- Adding fake eyelashes - ALWAYS FREE -
- Sanding - $10-50 / 7-40€ -
(depends on the complexity of the mod)

- Styling wigs - $15 / 10€ -
 - Manicure - $15 /10€ -
(glossy/colored nails, price refers per pair of hands)


Shop rules:
 I do not copy other artists' style.
But I can do a make-up inspired on other people's work,
 If wished, you can send me wig(s) and eyes to let your girls try them after the new make-up.

I do send progress shots of your head, 
so you must warn me about any modification to do before me sealing the painted layer.

After me using the sealant, NO MODS can be done.
So, be sure of your decision
If you change your mind, I can try to adjust the things a bit, but I can't do much!

I do not treat stains.

When you send me your head(s), 
please be sure to mark the package as gift and to declare a little amount.
I'm not responsible for any customs duties.
 Have care packing your head(s) with care! I'll use your box to ship them back to you.

When your turn arrives, please send the head using registered shipping.
If your head isn't shipped within 8 days after my confirmation email, you'll lose your slot. 
If you are OK, I'd declare small amounts so you shouldn't pay for customs duties
 I can give you a quote via email on how much you have to pay to ship the head back to you.

I'm not responsible for postal delays/damages/lost.

For payment, I do accept PayPal.
PayPal fees are not included in my price. 

 Thanks! ~

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