Hello there!

I worked for my friend Amara77 on her DD 02 head.

(How the head looked when I got it...)
 The head was in very bad conditions: she had a very messy face-up, all chipped too.     ----->

She asked me to clean her head and to do her like a little princess.
And following her guidelines, below you see the new 02! <3

~ ~ ~

Eyes are Rise Kujikawa's
Wig is Mrs Mariko's
Thanks to mu little Rita for lending to 02 her clothes   (  > w<)/

The wonderful bouquet is a lovely present from my boyfriend. 
( Thank you Pierp <3 )


~ ~ ~

A better close-up of her naked head... ( °A°)

Other pics are on my flickr:

I'll be opening soon an official commission thread... stay tuned to order your own custom DD!  (°w° )

Thanks for looking!


  1. Lovely! She looks about a million times better!!

    1. I just saw this... thank you very much!
      I enjoy when people likes my heads! >3<

  2. Wow, you did awesome job!!! She looks very sweet with this new face-up. ^^

  3. I can't believe that is the same head >_<

    I like so much your work, and I'm looking forward to that comission thread!