Hello there!
I worked for my friend Mitsuki on her Nemu Asakura head.
I loved adding freckles to her cute little face!

After 1 attempt I wasn't completely satisfied of, I'm proud to introduce you the new Nemu :)

In these pic the lips and the colors seem a bit different than in RL.
Personally, I prefer how they really are! She wasn't easy to photograph, because this time I used iPhone's camera. I won't do this again!! XD

The products I used are:

- MSC sealant
- watercolors
- acrylics Volks
- pastels Voks
- gloss Tamiya
- shimmery powder (pink)

Constructive critiques are welcome!
See you soon, and thanks for looking ^_^


  1. Beautiful!
    I have to ask though what size are her eyes, and where did you get them?

    1. Eyes are 22mm size, Twin-Snow limited.
      Thank you, I'm glad you liked her ^_^