Hello! Time to introduce my latest work:
Alice Kuonji DDS

Eyes - Cototono
Wig - LeekeWorld limited
Outfit - Saber Alter V2 default

This was a commissioned work for the dear Kitsune :)
She required a mischievous and softly dark look, not too far from the default one.

I took very long to paint her, life is getting busy! Thank you for being so patient, Kitsune ^u^ I'm very glad you liked her a lot!

Remember you can commission me your own face up by sending me an email at:

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I changed my rules and pricing chart:

* I don't plan of doing extensive mods on DD heads anymore. Little mods and prices can be discussed in private.
* Tattoos OK if not extensive. Prices and details can be discussed in private.
* I can do manicure on your doll's hands.
* I'll keep styling wigs.

~ Any size head basic face-up - $70 / 50€
~ Previous face-up removal - $7 / 5€
~ Adding fake eyelashes - FREE, if you like my stock

} Styling wigs (basic) - $15 / 10€
} Styling wigs (extensive) - $20~30 / 15~25€
} Basic Manicure - $15 /10€

PROMO: If you order 3 basic manicures (total of 6 hands), you'll have 1 FREE.

Thanks for looking! ^u^

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